It’s hard to outgrow camp when it gets more fun every year! Your teen programs are perfect!

– Parent of an 8th grade girl

This is a camp that celebrates kids being themselves. What could be better than that?

– Parent of a male camper, age 12

Camp Combe is the coolest place I have ever been.

Male camper, age 9

This was our first summer and everything has been exactly as we
were told it would be...even better!

– Parent of an eight year old camper

My child comes home more mature and responsible after every trip. How can so much growth happen in just one summer?

– Parent of 9th grade boy

I didn’t realize the importance of camp until I sent my kids to Combe

Mother of 2 boys with camp sine 2012

The energy! The care! The fun! Everything a kid could want.
I want to go to camp!

– Parent of an 11 yr old girl

Service Corps, especially Habitat for Humanity, had a huge impact on my son!

– Parent of a 7th grade boy

As a kid, I loved Camp Combe. Now I want to make camp just as awesome for my campers!

– Camp Combe Junior Counselor

I'm not sure how you do it, but I don't think my boys have ever been this excited about anything!

– Parent of two campers, age 7 & 9

This was my son’s first truly successful mainstream experience —we couldn’t be happier!

Parent of 8 yr old camper with Autism

My daughter loves camp so much she is disappointed on the weekend. "Camp Combe today?" is her first waking question!

– Parent of a six year old camper

My favorite thing in a whole entire world is Camp Combe.

Female camper, age 6

Transportation & Aquatics


Pick-Up/Drop-off Times

Route Stop AM Pick Up PM Drop-Off
Mahopac United Methodist Church(East Lake Blvd) 8:10 am 4:35 pm
Millwood Side lot of Drug Mart 8:20 am 4:50 pm
Ossining Arcadian Shopping Center 8:05 am 5:10 pm
Peekskill Louisa St Parking Lot 8:30 am 4:50 pm
Pleasantville Pleasantville Middle School(Romer Ave) 8:00 am 5:20 pm
Somers Back lot Somers Middle School 8:00 am 4:55 pm
Tarrytown Walgreens Plaza 7:50 am 5:30 pm
White Plains White Plains Family YMCA (Mamaroneck Ave) 7:55 am 5:20 pm

Revised:  5/9/19

Please note:  Because routes depend on enrollment, these times may be subject to change.  The Camp Combe YMCA also reserves the right to cancel any route in the event of lower than expected enrollment.  You will be notified via phone or e-mail if changes are made to this schedule.

Please arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes before pick-up and drop-off.  The bus must leave promptly at the scheduled time to ensure safe and efficient transportation of children.


Children will swim on a daily basis, weather permitting.  Swim lasts 30 minutes and in most cases will occur in the afternoon hours. Swimming lessons for rising Pre K – 2nd graders are included in the price of their camp and done weekly weather permitting. Swimming lessons for rising 3rd – 8th graders are available at an additional cost and are done in 2 week sessions (weeks 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 & 7-8).  Children receive two lessons per week during their swim period. Lessons will be taught according to the American Red Cross Water Safety Instruction program.

“Deep Water Swim” Assessment

Before campers can swim in water greater than chest deep they must have their swimming ability assessed, in accordance with the NYS Department of Health this must happen every year. If your camper has passed their test one year and come back the next they MUST be tested again. Campers only need to be assessed if they want to swim in water greater than chest deep. Please note that if your camper fails their deep water test the first time they will be able to test again each week they are at camp. If you do not want your camper to have the opportunity to be retested please let us know.

To determine if a camper is a “deep water swimmer” they must complete the following assessment with no breaks:

1) Enter water greater than chest deep and completely go underwater
2) Tread Water for 1 minute
3) Maintain position on back for 1 minute
4) Swim 40 yards using any stroke/combination of strokes. Dog paddle is not acceptable.
5) Spin 360 degrees & orient to the exit
6) Exit water safety

These campers are designated with a “deep water swimmer” swim band during camp.   Campers MUST have their swim bands to swim in the deep end of the pool. There is a charge of $1.00 to replace lost swim bands.