This was our first summer and everything has been exactly as we
were told it would be...even better!

– Parent of an eight year old camper

Camp Combe is the coolest place I have ever been.

Male camper, age 9

The energy! The care! The fun! Everything a kid could want.
I want to go to camp!

– Parent of an 11 yr old girl

My daughter loves camp so much she is disappointed on the weekend. "Camp Combe today?" is her first waking question!

– Parent of a six year old camper

My child comes home more mature and responsible after every trip. How can so much growth happen in just one summer?

– Parent of 9th grade boy

It’s hard to outgrow camp when it gets more fun every year! Your teen programs are perfect!

– Parent of an 8th grade girl

My favorite thing in a whole entire world is Camp Combe.

Female camper, age 6

As a kid, I loved Camp Combe. Now I want to make camp just as awesome for my campers!

– Camp Combe Junior Counselor

I'm not sure how you do it, but I don't think my boys have ever been this excited about anything!

– Parent of two campers, age 7 & 9

Service Corps, especially Habitat for Humanity, had a huge impact on my son!

– Parent of a 7th grade boy

This is a camp that celebrates kids being themselves. What could be better than that?

– Parent of a male camper, age 12

This was my son’s first truly successful mainstream experience —we couldn’t be happier!

Parent of 8 yr old camper with Autism

Theme Weeks

Summer 2016 (2017 Coming Soon!)

A big part of the magic of Camp Combe is our emphasis on special events. Crazy theme weeks, Thrilling Thursdays, and all-camp activities are carefully designed to create a sense of unity and belonging and, of course, to make camp FUN! From alien spaceships crash-landing in the parking lot, to camp-wide color wars, to our annual mini-camp/CIT car wash, every week brings a new and exciting adventure.

Below is a schedule of themes:

Week #1: [6/27 – 7/1] Superhero Showdown: Bring your capes and your super-suits, and let’s form the Combe League! Together we will battle all kinds of worldly injustice and perhaps even have a little fun along the way!

Week #2: [7/5 – 7/8] Game On!: A celebration of all board games and video games! Imagine the board games blown up to human-like proportions and the video games brought into reality. Come dressed as your favorite indoor activity, and let’s watch your imagination soar beyond the realm of the board games and video games that we know and love!

Week #3: [7/11 – 7/15] Investigation Nation: A crime will be committed.  Campers must sift through the various clues, tossing out the red herrings to find out who-dunnit.  Accusations will fly, puzzles will be solved, and justice will be served.  Costume ideas:  detectives, criminals, your chicken shirt, you can also come dressed as your favorite suspect (each will wear a specific color).

Week #4: [7/18 – 7/22] To Infinity & Beyond: It’s here! Created due to popular demand. Be our Guest during this Disney & Pixar themed week! Come Thursday to explore A Whole New World, paint with all the Colors of the Wind, and discover many other incredible Disney puns along the way!

Week #5: [7/25 – 7/29] A Handful of Holidays: Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Together we will honor some of our favorite holidays all in only one week!! Dress in your favorite Halloween costume, come dressed as a Thanksgiving turkey, or even celebrate your birthday on this Thrilling Thursday.

Week #6: [8/1 – 8/5] Under the Sea: It’s all about the water!  Come wearing your swimsuit, and be ready to get wet.  We will play water games galore:  drip, drip drop, balloon tosses, water tag…!!!

Week #7: [8/8 – 8/12] The Road to Rio: A Week of Color Wars: In honor of the start of the Olympics, we are having a week-long competition between red, yellow, blue and green.  Each huddle will be assigned a color. Dress your camper up in their team’s color on Thursday.  Go all out!  The team that has the most outrageously colorful camper participation will win points towards the spirit stick.

Week #8: [8/15 – 8/19] Decades of Fun: Calling all time travelers! Camp Combe is looking for a great collection of flappers, hippies, and past historical figures to pay tribute to some of the world’s favorite fads! Come as Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, or even your parents to prepare for a blast into the past!

Week #9: [8/22 – 8/26] So Long to Summer: Our traditional farewell to summer.  We take our favorite activities from all the Thrilling Thursdays and do a “best of” reel.  Everyone comes wearing their school colors to celebrate not just the end of camp but another exciting beginning to the school year.