I'm not sure how you do it, but I don't think my boys have ever been this excited about anything!

– Parent of two campers, age 7 & 9

My child comes home more mature and responsible after every trip. How can so much growth happen in just one summer?

– Parent of 9th grade boy

This was my son’s first truly successful mainstream experience —we couldn’t be happier!

Parent of 8 yr old camper with Autism

It’s hard to outgrow camp when it gets more fun every year! Your teen programs are perfect!

– Parent of an 8th grade girl

My daughter loves camp so much she is disappointed on the weekend. "Camp Combe today?" is her first waking question!

– Parent of a six year old camper

The energy! The care! The fun! Everything a kid could want.
I want to go to camp!

– Parent of an 11 yr old girl

My favorite thing in a whole entire world is Camp Combe.

Female camper, age 6

Service Corps, especially Habitat for Humanity, had a huge impact on my son!

– Parent of a 7th grade boy

This was our first summer and everything has been exactly as we
were told it would be...even better!

– Parent of an eight year old camper

Camp Combe is the coolest place I have ever been.

Male camper, age 9

As a kid, I loved Camp Combe. Now I want to make camp just as awesome for my campers!

– Camp Combe Junior Counselor

This is a camp that celebrates kids being themselves. What could be better than that?

– Parent of a male camper, age 12

Theme Weeks

Summer 2017

A big part of the magic of Camp Combe is our emphasis on special events. Crazy theme weeks, Thrilling Thursdays, and all-camp activities are carefully designed to create a sense of unity and belonging and, of course, to make camp FUN! From alien spaceships crash-landing in the parking lot to camp-wide color wars, every week brings a new and exciting adventure.

Below is a schedule of themes:


Week 1: Medieval Times – With empires of monstrous proportion, we will storm the castles and take over the lands!

Week 2: Space Invaders – From Star Wars to Guardians of the Galaxy, we will celebrate the all things that are out of this world!

Week 3: Australian Outback – ‘Ello, Mate! Join us on safari where we explore all things from the land down under! Hopefully we’ll spot some crocs!

Week 4: Vintage Cartoons – Mighty Mouse and Flintstones and Felix the Cat! Campers will be celebrating the cartoons their parents grew up watching!

Week 5: Surprise! – Each day will be a different theme! Come prepared to be unprepared and expect the unexpected!

Week 6: Camp Challenge – Huddles will be divided into color houses and compete against each other to win the coveted Spirit Stick!

Week 7: Game Show Mania – Whether they enjoy Minute to Win It, Jeopardy, or The Price Is Right, campers will take part in real life game shows!

Week 8: Wild West – This week we will finally find out how the west was won! Or at least put on some cowboy boots and explore the American Frontier!

Week 9: Summer Camp Mashup – We are going to mash up some of our favorite camp games and activities to create something new and exciting!

Week 10: So Long to Summer – Wear your school colors on and we’ll play our favorite games of Thrilling Thursdays past!

Note: Any theme weeks may change depending on heat and weather conditions. If temperatures exceed 90º, we may substitute water activities.