It’s hard to outgrow camp when it gets more fun every year! Your teen programs are perfect!

– Parent of an 8th grade girl

As a kid, I loved Camp Combe. Now I want to make camp just as awesome for my campers!

– Camp Combe Junior Counselor

My daughter loves camp so much she is disappointed on the weekend. "Camp Combe today?" is her first waking question!

– Parent of a six year old camper

My child comes home more mature and responsible after every trip. How can so much growth happen in just one summer?

– Parent of 9th grade boy

Service Corps, especially Habitat for Humanity, had a huge impact on my son!

– Parent of a 7th grade boy

This was my son’s first truly successful mainstream experience —we couldn’t be happier!

Parent of 8 yr old camper with Autism

This was our first summer and everything has been exactly as we
were told it would be...even better!

– Parent of an eight year old camper

Camp Combe is the coolest place I have ever been.

Male camper, age 9

The energy! The care! The fun! Everything a kid could want.
I want to go to camp!

– Parent of an 11 yr old girl

This is a camp that celebrates kids being themselves. What could be better than that?

– Parent of a male camper, age 12

My favorite thing in a whole entire world is Camp Combe.

Female camper, age 6

I'm not sure how you do it, but I don't think my boys have ever been this excited about anything!

– Parent of two campers, age 7 & 9

Parent Testimonial


Our son, Stephen, started his first week at Camp Combe Y this week. I am writing to tell you that my husband and I have been moved to tears of joy each day when he comes home telling us about his experience. We had heard so many wonderful things about Camp Combe Y, but we didn’t realize how truly special it would be for him. The focus on the positive has allowed him to feel so good about himself. Unfortunately, Stephen came from a camp where he lost extra snack for not knowing enough sports trivia and where the kids who made good choices never got any attention. Needless to say, you guys came into his little world at the time when he needed it the most and for that we are just so grateful.
It also seems we hit the jackpot having James as his counselor. James sure is wise beyond his years when it comes to knowing how to work with kids. He has made Stephen feel so welcome without being overwhelming or smothering. From what Stephen tells me, James is fun, cool, kind, smart and energetic – a true positive role model to a 7 year old boy!

The camp activities promote creativity, teamwork, imagination and respect for nature. In the safe environment you guys have created, Stephen is willing to try new things. The bead system you have is so unique and truly brilliant – wearing a constant reminder of all the positive things they have done! Stephen wears it proudly day and night!

I also had the pleasure of interacting with Dorothy because I was concerned about how Stephen would feel about starting a new camp after his negative experience at his first camp. It turned out I had nothing to worry about, but Dorothy really helped put me at ease and it is so nice to know that you have people designated to help those kids who might need just a little extra support to be successful. I shared with Dorothy that Stephen had stopped swimming at his old camp because kids were being inappropriate at changing time, so she and James took the time to show Stephen the changing area at Camp Combe before swimming so he would not be anxious about it. That was such a great idea!

Thank you for everything you do to make the camp such a special place. Everyone there seems to genuinely love what they do and I realize that comes from having a Director, Davey Hennessey, who supports them! We are so lucky we found Camp Combe Y and can’t wait for Stephen to attend for many more weeks next summer and hopefully for years to come. He already said he wants to be like James one day and be a counselor there – after only three days!

Stephen’s Mom and Dad

(Names have been changed for anonymity.)