This was my son’s first truly successful mainstream experience —we couldn’t be happier!

Parent of 8 yr old camper with Autism

It’s hard to outgrow camp when it gets more fun every year! Your teen programs are perfect!

– Parent of an 8th grade girl

My favorite thing in a whole entire world is Camp Combe.

Female camper, age 6

Camp Combe is the coolest place I have ever been.

Male camper, age 9

The energy! The care! The fun! Everything a kid could want.
I want to go to camp!

– Parent of an 11 yr old girl

This is a camp that celebrates kids being themselves. What could be better than that?

– Parent of a male camper, age 12

My daughter loves camp so much she is disappointed on the weekend. "Camp Combe today?" is her first waking question!

– Parent of a six year old camper

This was our first summer and everything has been exactly as we
were told it would be...even better!

– Parent of an eight year old camper

I'm not sure how you do it, but I don't think my boys have ever been this excited about anything!

– Parent of two campers, age 7 & 9

Service Corps, especially Habitat for Humanity, had a huge impact on my son!

– Parent of a 7th grade boy

My child comes home more mature and responsible after every trip. How can so much growth happen in just one summer?

– Parent of 9th grade boy

I didn’t realize the importance of camp until I sent my kids to Combe

Mother of 2 boys with camp sine 2012

As a kid, I loved Camp Combe. Now I want to make camp just as awesome for my campers!

– Camp Combe Junior Counselor

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We believe that EVERY child deserves the chance to experience the joy and magic of summer camp.
We also believe that the full inclusion of children with developmental, social, emotional, behavioral, and/or medical special needs enhances and enriches our community for ALL children.  Because of this, we do everything in our power to make sure that our programs are accessible to all children, regardless of ability level. Our Camper Support Staff have the knowledge and experience to help every child through the day, making new friends and having F-U-N!

NYS made some big changes back in 2017

Before registering for programs with the Camp Combe YMCA, parents of children with special needs should note the need to provide an aide, who must function in a one-on-one capacity with their child, in the following circumstances:

For a camper who uses adaptive equipment or bracing to achieve ambulation, but who do not possess the ability to fit, secure or independently manipulate such devices satisfactorily must have a one-on-one throughout the camp day.

For a camper who is non-ambulatory or has a disability that may result in an increased risk of an emergency in the water must have a one-on-one during swim time. Please note that occasionally unscheduled swim time occurs without notice, such as double-swim periods due to excessive heat. 

Thank you for your understanding that this is due to New York State Department of Health changes. We welcome your pre-summer visit to discuss your child’s individual needs with our Camp Director.

If you would like to know more about our Camper Support department, or have questions about whether Camp Combe would be a good fit for your child, please do not hesitate to call us at 845-526-0808.